Two-Factor Verification utilizing Google Authenticator Library

In our post, clarify you the login method utilizing PHP with MySQL association. Here is an additional element that can be added to login method for an additional layer of security. It is two-factor verification utilizing Google Authenticator App for Smartphones like Android/iPhone. Your details could be in danger of having your secret word stolen. two-factor confirmation can shield from abuse of your record in the event that somebody has your secret key, since signing into your account dependably require a security code (this security code is particularly intended for your record, it automatically sending different codes with the sum of time interval).

Connection Details:

In this section, we need to configure DB connection details with your relevant data and save as connection.php.

Users Table Details:

User table having all the registered users information, in this, you have to save user information with unique Google authentication secret code. Use the below code to create user table in MySQL.

Page Styles:

In this section, we need to write styles for all view pages and save as app_style.css.

Main Page:

In this section, we need to design home page with registration and login form structure with Jquery and Ajax functions and save as index.php.

Register, Login and Verifying background code:

In this section, we need to write codes like Register, Login sessions or Verification scan code procedures with proper user data using Google Authenticator Library and save as check_user.php.

User Confirmation Page:

In this section, we need to verification process code for registered user or login user data with help of Google Authenticator Library and save as user_confirm.php.

Profile page code:

In this section, we need to write code for login user profile information details and save as my_page.php.

Sign-out code:

In this section, we need to write codes for unset the stored $_SESSION details and save as logout.php.


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