Single Page CRUD with Php, MySql, validate.js and Ajax-Post

In this exercise, we will see an illustration program to figure out how to do database CRUD operations utilizing PHP and MySQL with Ajax-Post. CRUD represented as Create, Read, Update and Delete operations with database table records.

In this post, we will go to handle the data values into a database as well as view page with the help of front-end validations like required details using validate.js. We have users table containing users data like full name, username, password, and etc. Using this users table, we need to perform CRUD utilizing MySQL with Ajax-Post.

Step 1:

Initially, we need to configure our database with our application and create a required table(s) in it. Following code, use to connect our database and create user table structure.

User Table Structure:

Step 2:

The below code use to design the Front-End UI to handle the database operations. This HTML form contains input fields to enter user information to be saved into the user table.

Step 3:

The below code use to validate the entered user information matched with our requirements or not using validate.js. Validate JS is widely used for validating the HTML forms with rules and expressions.

Step 4:

The below code use to process the form data with validation. If validation gets matched means, it will submit the form data to the server for store the values into database using a $.post() method. Here we can use $.ajax() method also to perform form processing with database and front-end.

and PHP Store procedure,

Step 5:

The below code use to retrieve the data’s from the database and display it in our view page with HTML table.

Step 6:

The below code use to process the database data with given condition using $.ajax() – JOSN method. After processing the function it will return the particular record set value with JOSN format. It will use to view the existing details or provide details into form inputs for the update process.

and PHP Update procedure,

Step 7:

The below code use to change the record status like Active / Inactive users. Based on the record current status it will change into another status like a toggle.

and PHP Update procedure,

Step 8:

The below code use to delete or remove the unwanted record or information from the database table. Before doing this we need to get the approval details to avoid unexpected data loss. For this here we user modal dialog box to get the confirmation while clicking the delete button. If click confirms button, our system will send the request to the server for deletion process.

Modal popup confirmation dialog box,

and PHP Delete procedure,

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