Digital E-Signature pad with saving it as image using html2canvas and Ajax, PHP

Digital E-Signature Pad is a jQuery module that exploits HTML5 canvas component and JavaScript to create an adaptable and smooth Signature Pad on your site page and application. The module additionally can record the attracted signature JSON for later recovery. Know that the jQuery module likewise requires Numeric JavaScript library and Bezier curve tool included.

Step 1: Include the required jQuery Signature Pad JS and CSS Style in the head section of your page.

Step 2: Setup for our signature pad area.

Step 3:  Assign the signaturePad() function with our signature Pad tag ID

Step 4: Add button and html2canvas function to save the drawn signature as the image to the relevant folder.

You can also download html2canvas.js.

Step 5Now we need to add style and signature pad area layout for the view page, and save it as app_style.css

Step 6: PHP Code to store your signatures data as image and save it as save_sign.php

Step 7: Code to preview saved signatures image on our page.

Final Signature page code:

Download   Demo

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