Charts In Laravel 5 Using Charts Package

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7 thoughts on “Charts In Laravel 5 Using Charts Package

    1. Its present in new version. So you may use following command to work with charts.

      composer require consoletvs/charts:5.*

      V6.* Has some class errors

  1. v6 of ConsoleTvCharts is the worst so far, you cant do a lot of things that was working out of the box in v5
    for example
    $chart = Charts::database($users, ‘bar’, ‘highcharts’)
    ->title(“Monthly new Register Users”)
    ->elementLabel(“Total Users”)
    ->dimensions(1000, 500)
    ->groupByMonth(date(‘Y’), true);

    there is no groupByMonth methods or by week, by year etc.
    Now you have to get the labels and data manually with Eloquent which is a complicated mess.

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