Cascading Dropdown List using JSON Data

In this post, I show you how to create a cascading dropdown list with JSON datasets. The relevant list fields will load the data list with help of dependent selected list value. The dependent selected list are filed with the help of chosen data without a refresh of the page.

Here we need to create JSON file to set the data select list box and in this file, we have to provide the connection between dataset with relevant dataset unique id value.

What is JSON?

JSON represents JavaScript Object Notation and is a way to save data in an associated, easy-to-use practice. It provides us a human-readable set of data that we can use in a really logical practice. Inside JSON object, we can set any number of keys using a “key_name”: “key_value” pairing, separated by commas.

Step 1: Create a Form with required Select List box fields.

Step 2: jQuery function

Define an ajax function to get the JSON dataset and load it in the specific select list box with help of unique tag id.

Step 3: Define JSON dataset

Define a JSON dataset with key name and key value.

Download   Demo

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