Optimize Website Speed and Performance in Laravel 5.5

.In this post, we are going to know how to Optimize website speed and performance of our application it will help us to improve or increase loading time twice. It is essential for each and every website or application to load faster load that means your website should load in fewer seconds like 4s or 5s. We are always facing issues regarding page load speed like how to improve website or application speed in laravel, how to decrease the loading time of website or application in laravel, and primarily, we have many questions about how to increase or improve our website performance in laravel.

However, There are many composer packages possible to increase or improve website page loading speed in PHP so that “laravel-page-speed” composer package help us to improve our application load time for 50%+ optimization of our website applications. Laravel-page-speed package helps us to minify HTML output and it can be optimization our web page. This package will remove unused properties in HTML tags, remove unused quotes in HTML, remove unused blank space or whitespace in HTML page, and remove comments. They also minify CSS and JS files too and here are many things made on our application pages and because of above process it makes a better performance at it was before.

Step 1: Create a Laravel Application

We can install Laravel by issuing the Composer create-project command in your terminal like so: composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel <app-name> “5.4.*”.

Step 2: Install Package

In this step, we need to download and extract renatomarinho/laravel-page-speed package using composer. Simply add the package name with version details in a composer.json file and run a composer update command.

and run the following command

Step 3: Update provider details

After successfully extract the package, Goto config/app.php file and append service provider and alias details with specific classes.

Step 4: Publish the package

After adding provider details we need to publish the particular package to implement in our application. Following command help us to publish the package after executing the command only we can use the package

Step 5: Addming middleware for web access

After publishing the package we need to add middleware details in Kernel.php file. Just copy and paste it following codes under $middlewareGroups,

Step 6: Define Route

In this step, we are going to add a route to check Optimized Website Speed and Performance in Laravel 5.5

Step 7: View page details

In final, we need to create blade file and include set of our code to display.


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