Exporting MySQL Data to Excel using PHP

Exporting MySQL Data into Excel is a very useful method to keep the data list in a relevant area for offline usage. Exporting data method performs your web application as most user-friendly and improves the user to manage list data in offline. Excel is the greatest construction to Export data in a .xls file and you can easily export database table data into Excel using this method. This post explains to you how to arrange and export our data into Excel file format.

Step 1: Make a Connection with database using MySQLi

Create a database with a relevant table and make a MySQLi connection using MySQLi connection methods.

And connection details,

Step 2: Prepare Post list view page

Here we need to define and execute the MySQLi query with MySQLi connection object and display the details with a page. Here additively we need to add a button for exporting listed post details into excel.

Step 3: Header files including

Step 4: Make a result data array

Define a dataset array object for exporting post details with a related key or column name.

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