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Multiple authentications using AuthController in Laravel 5.2

Multiple authentications are very important in the big application of laravel.  If you work on a big project then you frequently prefer to various tables, like we always prefer “users” table for an end user registration and “admins” table for admin user that means secure strong protection. We forever use Auth for performing user authentication […]

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Create page with Blade Template Engine in Laravel

Laravel present easy and very strong templating engine. This templating engine connects one or more templates which are made by inheritance and part to produce required views page. Blade template has its own control construction like loops and conditional statements. Inheritance and Section are main benefits of using Blade template engine. To make Blade format, […]

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Laravel 5 – Multiple Images Uploading with dropzone js script

We generally need to do pictures transferring in our laravel application, In this post, I give you case code of how to transfer different pictures utilizing dropzone.js. dropzone.js through we can make picture transferring basically. Dropzone.js is a jquery module, through this we can choose one or many picture and furthermore with see. After pick […]

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